We specialize in importing and distributing fresh fruit and vegetables. From the very beginning, our guiding objective has been to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients. The fruit and vegetables we offer are carefully selected, sorted and first and foremost  fresh.
Thanks to dynamic development and well-qualified employees we have become one of the most significant importers in our sector in the area of Lower Silesia.
The goods we provide our clients with come from different parts of the world. We import fruit and vegetables from, among others, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Chile, France, Spain, Netherlands, Macedonia, Morocco, Germany, Peru, Portugal, Hungary, Italy and also from Polish traders. Thanks to our experience and many years of effective cooperation we have managed to choose the most trustworthy suppliers.

Only fresh and carefully selected goods
Stable market position- one of the biggest fruit and vegetables importer in Lower Silesia
Importation of goods from all over the world- South America, Africa and Europe
1500 m² of cold stores accordant with EU regulations and standards
Delivery for seven days a week


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