We offer our cooperation to wholesale firms, retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, pubs, shopping centers and all companies which seek a loyal and professional business partner. We always deliver the goods on time. We assure that we are able to deliver every amount and every kind of goods even the most sophisticated ones.
The goods we provide our clients with come from different parts of the world. We import fruit and vegetables from, among others, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Chile, France, Spain, Netherlands, Macedonia, Morocco, Germany, Peru, Portugal, Hungary, Italy and also from Polish traders. Thanks to our experience and many years of effective cooperation we have managed to choose the most trustworthy suppliers.
Our cooperation with professional cartage contractors guarantees the high quality of delivered fruit and vegetables. We constantly make sure that the goods we provide are carried in the best conditions and as a result they meet the demands of our clients.
Our cold stores enable us to gather reserves which help us to deal with seasonal fluctuation of the demand. As the goods are delivered seven days a week we can guarantee that you will receive your order on time. 



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